Message from the President

President Hideo Teramoto

The Dai-ichi Life Research Institute was established in April 1997 with the aim of enhancing the Dai-ichi Life Group's information dissemination, policy recommendation and consulting functions. In October 2002, the Institute merged with the Life Design Institute (established in September 1988), which was previously established to conduct research on daily-life issues (economy, health, education, family, mind, etc.). In April 2009, we merged with Dai-ichi Life Well Life Support (established in April 1998) to strengthen our ability to provide information on health, medical care, and nursing care.

Our field of studies include macroeconomics, finance, insurance and pensions, social security, demographic issues, ESG, technology, life design and well-being. As a life insurance think-tank, we take advantage of our long-term perspective to help our clients navigate the turbulent times of VUCA (an acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). In these turbulent times, we will strive to disseminate information that will serve as a compass for our customers to move toward coming sustainable society.

At the same time as disseminating information on the contents of these surveys and researches, we also provide the result of our researches to our customer companies in the form of consulting services. With the increasing importance of human capital management, we conduct various seminars and training courses (health promotion, asset formation and succession, career design, etc.) to improve the well-being of our clients’ employees.

In line with the Dai-ichi Life Group's vision of "Protect and improve the well-being of all" for the 100-year life span era, we will continuously conduct surveys and research to contribute to the "realization of customer well-being" and the "resolution of social issues".

PresidentHideo Teramoto